Summer Fleas Are Coming, Prepare For a Flea-Free Home With These 10 Tips

Control Summer Fleas With These Great Tips!

Do you remember how hard it it was to fight fleas? Between dips, applying insecticides every week and chemicals to the backyard, what a mess! Now controlling summer fleas is much easier with these following tips:

1. Educate yourself about fleas.
Fleas can live for as long as 12 months and produce millions of offspring in that time frame, they are very persistent and hard to get rid of. So missing one week of treatment can continue to cause havoc

2. Learn the symptoms of flea bites.
Within 30 minutes a flea bite can cause you or your four-legged friend to feel extremely itchy. Often, it is scratching these little red bumps that cause secondary infections when the skin is broken.

3. Know how to treat the flea bites.
Washing the area with some antiseptic soap can help to reduce any infection if the skin does end up breaking while your pet is scratching.

4. Learn how to eliminate fleas in all stages.
The flea life cycle includes adults, eggs, larvae (maggots) and pupae (the cocoon stage). Typical insecticides do not eliminate the pupae. Use an insect growth regulator to break the flea life cycle.

5. Get rid of stray fleas.
If your dog picks up a “hitchhiker” flea while outdoors, use an adulticide medication that kills adult summer fleas. Talk to your veterinarian about the best product for your pet.

6. Regularly check your dog for fleas.
By frequently brushing your pet will help spread natural protective oils over your pet’s coat, which will reduce shedding and combat the problem before your dog begins scratching.

7. Avoid problem areas.
Use apps like Yelp to know what people are talking about different dog parks, if there is a known problem with fleas in that area, stay away!

8. Groom the yard.
Don’t just check your dog for fleas — treat his environment as well. Remove underbrush from trees, and rake leaves where fleas and ticks may lurk. When spraying the yard for fleas, concentrate on the areas where your pet spends most of his time. Eggs and larvae will likely be shed in the spots where he lies down.

9. Exterminate the home.
Constant cleaning of the inside can reduce fleas on the inside. By vacuuming upholstered furniture, rugs and carpeting can help decrease the risk of summer fleas continuing the breading cycle. Make sure you use pet and child friendly treatments if you do use the treatments. Also, be sure to wash any bedding if your pets sleep with you in your bed.

10. Use year-round preventive care.
Waiting too long to use preventative treatments before flea and tick season comes around could be dangerous for your dog. Protect your dog year-round to avoid an infestation. Ask your veterinarian about which product is best for your dog and be sure to read the label carefully before administering the medication.

Oasis Pet Spa uses the best natural products to make sure that your pet’s coat is always looking it’s best. We also provide flea dips to get rid of those pesky insects.

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