Healthy Vegetables For A Healthy Pet Dog

Can vegetables help your healthy pet dog?

We all know that eating 5 fruits and vegetables can help provide a human healthy conditions, but is it the same for your pet? To maintain a healthy pet think about these vegetables:

  • Cucumbers – but up in small bite size pieces can help with your pets digestive system. However, avoid pickles as they have excess vinegar and salt that may hurt and cause other digestive issues.
  • Celery – With the leaves removed can be great for the digestive process. Remember to cut small bite size pieces and not to give to much
  • Carrots – are a good treat that are cut into smaller sticks or pieces for chewing. And no amount is to much for your fiddo!
  • Tomatoes – Small amounts are good, but large amounts can cause heart and nervous system problems due to the naturally occurring chemicals. Also, the green parts of the tomato plant – the vines, leaves, stems and unripe fruit – contain solanine. Solanine is a tomatoes natural defense and can cause your pet to be sick. So if you have a garden, watch that your dog doesn’t eat these parts.
  • Avocado – Avocados have a antifungal agent called persin, which is dangerous to a dog when consumed in great enough quantities. Your pet should stay away from this tasty vegetable.
  • Corn – Corn kernels of ripe corn are good for dogs, but the cob itself can be very dangerous. The cob can tear and cause damage to the dog’s internal digestive tract. Popcorn can actually be a good treat for a dog, however it needs to be air popped with nothing added like salt or butter.
  • Broccoli – this healthy vegetable in small amounts can be very good for your dog. However, in larger amounts it can cause digestive issues by having to much fiber.

Vegetables can provide a healthy snack for your four-legged friend. But to maintain a really healthy pet you should bring your dog down to see Paula and the gang to get a Ultimate Pet Spa which will leave your pet’s coat shiny, nails trimmed and ready for a great walk through the neighborhood! Call today to schedule your appointment: (714) 879-6011


****NOTE: All pets can react differently to the vegetables suggested. You should always watch and care for your healthy pet when providing any new type of food to their diet.******


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